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A nationwide project, based on recording a video clip to the song "Clack, clack.", which talks about longing, conscience and responsibility for the memory of our origin. Please follow the link to find details:

Svist hir

Artist: Pan Pupec

Lyrics and music author:

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Stoyav kamin na dorozi nohy vsi lomyly.
My pidnyaly toho kamnya muzyky zahraly!

Fayno muzyky zahraly! Fyst sya zaspivaly!
My pobihly za divkamy divky pozbihalys'!

Hulyanka! Zabava!

Fayno divky tancyuvaly! Fyst sya ciluvaly!
My pobihly za syvuchoyu hory zasvystaly!

Tak sya divky tancyuvaly, tak horivku pyly,
Tak sya hory zasvystaly baby az molyly!

Hulyanka! Zabava! Hulyanka! Zabava!

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