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A nationwide project, based on recording a video clip to the song "Clack, clack.", which talks about longing, conscience and responsibility for the memory of our origin. Please follow the link to find details:

Bula v Hali neridnaya maty

Artist: Rodynno-pobutovi pisni

Lyrics and music author:

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Bula v Hali neridnaya maty,
Oy bula v Hali neridnaya maty.

Ta y poslala v nedilenku zaty,
Oy ta y poslala v nedilenku zaty.

Vona zala, zala, pospishala,
Oy vona zala, zala, pospishala.

Ta y nazala sim kip z pivkopoyu,
Oy ta y nazala sim kip z pivkopoyu.

Ta y pospila razom z cheredoyu,
Oy ta y pospila razom z cheredoyu.

Podoyila chotyry korovy,
Oy podoyila chotyry korovy.

Do p’yatoyi telya prypustyla,
Oy do p’yatoyi telya prypustyla.

Ta y zdumala, shcho v poli dytyna,
Oy ta y zdumala, shcho v poli dytyna.

Dobihaye Halya do pivkopy,
Oy dobihaye Halya do pivkopy.

A na kopi try vorona kryache,
Oy a na kopi try vorona kryache.

Pid kopoyu male dytya plache,
Oy pid kopoyu male dytya plache.

Odyn voron holivonku skaye,
Oy odyn voron holivonku skaye.

Druhyi voron ochicy vyimaye,
Oy druhyi voron ochicy vyimaye.

Tretiy voron rebercya shchitaye,
Oy tretiy voron rebercya shchitaye.

– Odriz, maty, arshyn polotencya,
Oy odriz, maty, arshyn polotencya.

Ya prykryyu dytyni rebercya,
Oy ya prykryyu dytyni rebercya.

Ta y ne dala maty polotencya,
Oy ta y ne dala maty polotencya.

Ta y zahnala Halya nozik v serce,
Oy ta y zahnala Halya nozik v serce.

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