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A nationwide project, based on recording a video clip to the song "Clack, clack.", which talks about longing, conscience and responsibility for the memory of our origin. Please follow the link to find details:

Chorni ochka, yak teren

Artist: Zartivlyvi, satyrychni pisni

Lyrics and music author:

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"Chorni ochka, chorni ochka, yak teren,
Chorni ochka, yak teren, yak teren, yak teren.
Koly my sya poberem, poberem?"

"Poberemsya, poberemsya v nedilyu,
Poberemsya v nedilyu, v nedilyu, v nedilyu,
Mayu v Boha nadiyu, nadiyu".

"Kudy z mene, kudy z mene povedesh?
Kudy z mene povedesh, povedesh, povedesh,
Koly chaty ne mayesh, ne mayesh?"

"Povedu tya, povedu tya v chuzuyu,
Povedu tya v chuzuyu, v chuzuyu, v chuzuyu,
Poky svoyu zbuduyu, zbuduyu".

"Postav chatu, postav chatu z lobody,
Postav chatu z lobody, z lobody, z lobody,
A v chuzuyu ne vedy, ne vedy!

Chuza chata, chuza chata takaya,
Chuza chata takaya, takaya, takaya,
Yak svekrucha lychaya, lychaya.

Choch ne laye, choch ne laye, ta burchyt',
Choch ne laye, ta burchyt', ta burchyt', ta burchyt',
A vse z vona ne movchyt', ne movchyt'".

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