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A nationwide project, based on recording a video clip to the song "Clack, clack.", which talks about longing, conscience and responsibility for the memory of our origin. Please follow the link to find details:

A v krynyci vodycya

Artist: Zartivlyvi, satyrychni pisni

Lyrics and music author:

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A v krynyci vodycya,
Vodycya, vodycya.
Oy tam orel vodu pyv,
Vodu pyv, vodu pyv,
Vin ne vypyv, skolotyv,
Skolotyv, skolotyv.
Paren divci hovoryv,
Hovoryv, hovoryv:
– Ne ydy, divko, za vdovcya,
Za vdovcya, za vdovcya,
Lyuby parnya, molodcya,
Molodcya, molodcya.
A vdovec' bude byt',
Bude byt', bude byt'.
– A ya vdovcyu uhozu,
Uhozu, uhozu,
Postil bilu postelyu,
Postelyu, postelyu:
Pid holovy kamenya,
Kamenya, kamenya,
A pid boky ramenya,
Ramenya, ramenya,
A pid nohy krapyva,
Krapyva, krapyva.
Pid holovu mulyt'sya,
Mulyt'sya, mulyt'sya,
A pid boky davyt'sya,
Davyt'sya, davyt'sya,
A pid nohy zalyt'sya,
Zalyt'sya zalyt'sya.
Oce tobi, starychok,
Starychok, starychok,
Shchob ne lyubyv divochok,
Divochok, divochok,
Nosy shapku na bochok,
Na bochok, na bochok.

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