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A nationwide project, based on recording a video clip to the song "Clack, clack.", which talks about longing, conscience and responsibility for the memory of our origin. Please follow the link to find details:

Supersymetriya (2003)

Artists: Okean Elzy

Other albums of Okean Elzy:

2013 disc Zemlya
2010 disc Dolce Vita
2007 disc Mira
2006 disc 1221
2006 disc Veseli, brate, chasy nastaly...
2005 disc GLORIA
2003 disc Tviy format
2003 disc Supersymetriya
2001 disc Model
2000 disc Yananebibuv
1998 disc Tam, de nas nema
1996 disc Budynok zi skla

Top 5 songs of Okean Elzy: