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A nationwide project, based on recording a video clip to the song "Clack, clack.", which talks about longing, conscience and responsibility for the memory of our origin. Please follow the link to find details:

Technofayt (1993)

Artists: Skryabin

Other albums of Skryabin:

2012 disc Balady
2012 disc Radio Lyubov
2009 disc Moya evolyuciya
2007 disc Pro lyubov?
2006 disc Hlamur
2005 disc Tanho
2004 disc Albom
2003 disc Natura
2002 disc Ozymi lyudy
2002 disc Stryptyz +
2001 disc Stryptyz
2000 disc Modna krayina
1999 disc Euterpa
1999 disc Ptachy povernulys'
1999 disc Technofayt 1999
1999 disc Chrobak
1998 disc Tanec' pinhvina
1997 disc Kazky
1997 disc Mova ryb
1995 disc Ptachy
1993 disc Technofayt
1989 disc Chuyesh bil